Art is an Item or Product that is made by the Artist, usually to express an emotion that is felt by the artist. It firstly means something to the artist and is created to reflect the emotion felt. An audience might feel drawn and connected to the creation and thus the work may become publicly successful.

And then there are creations made with the intention to stimulate our senses, mind, spirit and soul to the same extent that it did for the artist. The artwork is normally judged by how much impact it has on a person, or how many people can relate to it, and how much it is appreciated.

Art is the arrangement of things found in our everyday world, in a new or different way. A painter will arrange colours on a canvas, or another kind of surface, and create a painting. Art also includes sculpting, where a dollop of clay can become almost anything, and drawing can arrange a few stripes and curves into a sketch.

A poet will arrange words together and create a poem, as will an author when using words while writing a novel. Art is not always stagnant things or objects, art also includes various forms of movement, for instance, dancing and singing.

Art includes a wide array of crafts and a vast number of ways to express creativity. Art can be enjoyed in any and all its form by anybody, regardless of culture, language or age.