Is Fashion Art? Can Fashion and Art, work together and what would the Result be, of working together?

This question existed for a long time and has always been a debate among the creative crowd. Is fashion art?

Fashion design is actually the art of implementing design and aesthetics together to accentuate the beauty of clothing and accessories. Fashion designs are influenced by culture and social attitudes at the time of inventing each design. Therefore the designs differ and have varied over time and place.

Where art is mostly a product or creation of an emotion or experience, fashion design does include more research. Designers conduct research on fashion trends and then interpret it to their ideas. Fashion designers attempt to design clothes that are functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Designing of a garment and how to connect it with art

1. Sketching; some designers sketch their ideas on paper.

2. Colouring or painting these sketches; Colour and patterns can be added through either colour of paint by the designer.

3. Applying texture and other details; these applications are done with the help of different kinds of art materials.

These sketches, or illustrations, is the art of communicating fashion ideas in a visual form and is known as Fashion Sketching.

However, there are fashion designers that will start their design by starting to drape fabric over a dress form. When they are completely satisfied with the drape or fit on the dress form, he or she will contact a professional pattern maker.

The professional pattern maker then makes a working version of the pattern from which a sample garment will be made.

Fashion Illustration has been around for almost 500 years. Ever since clothes have been worn there needed to be an idea or image to translate into a fashion illustration from which a garment could be designed. This also serves as a form of art and showed the presence of hand and art skills.

Finally, different art forms are used during design and finishing of a fashion design garment. And, although it is worn by a person, it suits the same purpose as an art object, drawing the eye and focusing attention on visual enjoyment.

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