Shopping for Art, an Art in its own right

Buying art for your home can be an adventure in finding the perfect pieces that will be to everybody’s taste. Buying art as a gift can be trickier because not a one persons’ taste is the same when art is involved. Then again, purchasing artwork as an investment can be quite baffling and intimidating.

With so many genres, styles and new artists you would not know whether it is good and if it will mature and gain worth over the years. Also influencing your choice would still be if your purchase will fit in with the existing décor and style of your home.

Assessing a possible art piece’s appeal and worth before purchase

Your first question should be, ‘do I like this?’ Does the piece of art you are looking at, please the eye and does it make you feel good? An art object has to speak to you before taking other factors in the decision making.

What kind of atmosphere should your purchased art evoke? For which room is the art destined? Do you need a peaceful setting or is vibrant and alive a sure requirement. The subject of the artwork should give an indication if it will blend in with the other décor.

A costly artwork should draw attention as a focus point; will this art fulfil this requirement? It should act as a unique point of interest. How much change is needed to achieve this in the room the artwork will reside?

To buy art as a gift, you should proceed with caution. Everybody has a different approach and response to art. Start with something small from a known artist. Know what is in the recipient’s art collection then choose something in a similar style.

Most importantly, always, the piece of art should be enjoyed by all that looks at it. Art is meant to trigger a reaction, to inspire and to draw the eye for a closer look.

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